Transportation Update

Dear Broadmoor Elementary Families,

Starting Monday, September 11th – we will pre-board Kindergarten and Pre-K students on the bus at 3:10pm. At 3:15pm, we will dismiss car riders, walkers, and all buses that are currently at school.

EBR routing specialists have been working with our contract partners to carefully review and make adjustments to streamline our transportation routing for greater efficiency, so we want to make you aware of information that will be provided to you. Students have been given new bus cards at school, which include each child’s name, grade, bus stop location, bus number and associated information.

It is important for all families to understand that EVERY STUDENT BUS RIDER IS BEING REROUTED through this process, so we want to ensure you have the updated, accurate information for your child.

EBR transportation department response team will be fully staffed this weekend, Sep 9-10, to answer any questions or provide clarity on these changes. You can reach them by phone or email in the following formats:


Hotline: (225) 226-3660

We understand that change can be challenging, but we believe these improvements will contribute to a more responsive transportation system and education environment that best serves the needs of families and students. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.