The East Baton Rouge Parish School Board shall require any student complaint about another student engaging in sexual harassment reported to a teacher or counselor to be immediately reported to the principal.  The principal is responsible for investigating the complaint.  The right to confidentiality, both of the complaining student and of the accused student shall be respected.  The principal may request assistance of the Assistant Superintendent in investigating student on student sexual harassment.  If the act or acts involve possible criminal conduct, the appropriate police authorities should be notified.  A substantiated charge against a student shall subject that student to disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion, consistent with the provisions of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook and Discipline Policy.


If the victim of the alleged sexual harassment is a minor student and if the alleged harassment falls within the definition of abuse as found in School Board's policy JGCE, Child Abuse, then all school employees with knowledge shall be considered mandatory reporters and the allegations must be reported to child protection or law enforcement as provided by state law and the School Board policy on child abuse.  Such reporting must be made in addition to any procedures for handling sexual harassment complaints.


Student complaints about an employee shall be handled as provided in policy GAEAA, Title VII Employee Sexual Harassment.




Retaliation against any employee or student who brings sexual harassment charges or who assists in investigating such charges shall be prohibited.  Any employee or student bringing a sexual harassment complaint or assisting in the investigation of such a  complaint will not be adversely affected, discriminated against or punished because of the complaint.



Ref:    42 USC 2000e (Civil Rights-Definitions)

29 CFR 1604.11 (Guidelines on Discrimination Because of Sex-Sexual Harassment)

La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง14:41, 14:42, 14:42.1, 17:81, 17:416.13


East Baton Rouge Parish School Board