The East Baton Rouge Parish School System is focused on building the future of Baton Rouge. Under the guidance of Superintendent Warren Drake, East Baton Rouge Parish Schools are committed to providing quality education for the students of the capital city. The District Leadership Team is here to serve you.


Domoine Rutledge, Esq.

The district’s General Counsel is responsible for providing legal advice and representation for the School Board, School District officers and other employees. The General Counsel is responsible for engaging and managing the services of outside counsel retained on an as-needed basis. He also oversees policy development for the district, manages the risk management department, fair share coordinator’s office, adjudicated youth department and serves as an ex officio member of the Foundation for East Baton Rouge School System.

Adam Smith

The district’s Associate Superintendent oversees several academic departments including Federal Programs, Exceptional Student Services, Child Welfare and Attendance, Early Childhood, Magnet Programs, Gifted & Talented, Library Services and Intervention.

Andrea O'Konski

Andrea O’Konski serves as Chief of Academic Programs overseeing Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for the system as well as Accountability, Career & Technical Education, Charter Schools, Content Area Specialists, Textbooks and Professional Development.

Gary Reese

Chief of Student Support Services Gary Reese supervises the operations of Physical Plant Services, Transportation, School Safety & Security, Procurement and Warehousing Services as well as the Child Nutrition Program

Millie Williams

Chief of Human Resources Millie Williams is responsible for a wide variety of personnel policies, processes and employment agreements (e.g. recruitment, selection, hiring, orientation, federal and state mandates, labor and employment contracts, compensation schedule, etc.) for the purpose of conforming to district policies.