Tramelle Howard

District #3

Tramelle Howard is an educator and a passionate advocate for students, both inside and outside the classroom. He was elected to the East Baton Rouge School Board as the representative of District 3 in November 2018. He is the youngest board member every elected to serve in his role.

After earning a Juris Doctor degree, Tramelle realized he was more passionate about public education than he was law. Then, after taking the necessary steps to become a teacher and spending years in the classroom, he realized the school system desperately needed to recruit a more diverse teaching staff. As the District 3 board member, he will commit to ensuring the public school system finds more innovative solutions to attract, maintain, support, and promote diverse educators.

In addition to his experience in the classroom, Tramelle is a dedicated mental health professional and a strong community advocate. He is passionate about supporting children so that they reach their full potential, as well as ensuring his community has a voice in the policy-making process.

Tramelle lives in Baton Rouge. He works for a national nonprofit dedicated to improving outcomes for those living in marginalized communities. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated and an active member of the Southern University Alumni Federation.

He obtained his undergraduate degree in mass communication from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. He earned a Juris Doctorate degree from the Southern University Law Center.