Extended School Year (ESY) services are the provision of special education and related services to students with disabilities beyond the normal school year of the LEA in accordance with an IEP and at no cost to the parents of the student. Extended School Year Services are to be an extension of the regular school year program for students who have been determined to need these services to ensure the provision of FAPE.
All students with disabilities ages 3-21 (with a current evaluation and current IEP) must be screened for ESY using one or more of the ESY screening criteria. Eligibility for ESY is based on the data collection results on your selected criteria. Screening criteria selection is based on student need(s). You are required to select any criteria that apply to the student and his/her needs. This decision is made by the IEP committee at the time of the IEP meeting.
Three criteria are used to determine a student’s need for ESY services:
  • Regression-Recoupment
  • Critical Point of Instructionand
  • Special Circumstances
1) Regression-Recoupment – This criterion shall be applied to all students
    with significant cognitive disabilities or functions-like a student with
    significant  cognitive disabilities at all age and grade levels, including
    preschool aged students.
2) Critical Point of Instruction (CPI) Criterion. This criterion shall be  considered for ALL
3) Special Cirmcumstances (SC) Criterion –Employment-Students ages 16-21 shall be
     considered for ESY services when there is documentation (i.e., job performance data)
     that the student is in need of support to maintain paid employment.
4) Transition from Early Steps to Part B (Preschool)-Students transitioning from Early
    Steps to  Part B preschool services  who have spring/summer birthday shall be
considered  for ESY services.
5) Transition to Post-school Outcomes-Students who have a   transition  plan and who
     are expected to exit the LEA at the end of the school year shall be considered for ESY
     services. The  teacher/instructional personnel shall examine the documentation of the
     incomplete action steps and corresponding goals that are the responsibility of the LEA.
6)  Excessive Absences-A student with a disability who has documented  absences
     during the school year, in excess of 25 days, for health-related conditions without the
     provision of hospital/homebound services and who has failed to make projected
     progress shall be considered for ESY services.
7)  Extenuating Circumstances-There may be unusual situations or circumstances when
     ESY services may be needed, but the student does not meet any of the eligibility
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