Occupational/Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy is provided to all students identified by a multidisciplinary team as disabled and in need of OT services. This service may involve removing the student from the classroom to work individually within an environment that is set up to encourage progress toward specified goals.
Additionally, occupational therapists work with a child’s teacher, classroom aide and others that have contact with him/her on a daily basis. The therapist is familiar with the details of the child’s needs based on the results of the evaluation and goals established in the Individualized Education Program (IEP) and will work with the teacher to suggest training / teaching strategies,  therapeutic activities,  modifications to teaching materials, classroom set up,  structure or teaching methods to help him/her reach goals established by the educational team.
Physical Therapy is provided by physical therapists in the East Baton Rouge School System that work with other professionals to help students with disabilities to benefit from special education. This includes activities of a school day (i.e., moving throughout school grounds, sitting, standing in line or at the board, moving in class or through the building). All screenings, evaluations, consultations, and interventions are performed by physical therapists licensed by the state of Louisiana. Interventions may include adaptations to school environments, working with a student on motor skills, assistance with identifying and getting special equipment, and collaboration with school staff and other professionals.
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