Contact Information


The HIPPY Program

Bernadette Joiner
East Baton Rouge Parish School System
HIPPY Coordinator
5300 Douglas Ave
Room 20
Baton Rouge, LA 70805
Phone 225-356-1221
Fax 225-356-8343

Starting in the Home

It’s about spending fifteen minutes a day at the kitchen table with a story book, a puzzle, or a learning game, and it’s about children who enter kindergarten ready to succeed.

Parents in the HIPPY Program are trained by paraprofessionals, themselves parents in the community. They are also supported by other participants and a local program coordinator. They belong to a growing national and international network of parents, educators, grandparents, kindergarten teachers, community organizers, and governors who have seen first hand how this home based educational program benefits families and helps build communities.


The HIPPY Program started in East Baton Rouge Parish School System in 1995. Since 1995, over 1,935 families and their children have been served by the HIPPY Program. The program is presently funded by the Louisiana State Department of Education, YWCA and AmeriCorps. An on-going comparative study, using the Developmental Screening Test, along with current Teacher and Parental Involvement Survey data shows that HIPPY has a tremendous impact on children as well as their families. This data is available upon request.

“HIPPY” not only plants the seeds for learning, but provides the sunshine and water to help children grow,” stated a parent who participated in HIPPY.

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