Connie Bernard

District #8

Connie Bernard, has been your neighbor for over 45 years and your school board member since 2010. She wants to continue to represent you on the EBR School Board with her unique visionary leadership.

Connie Bernard is a two time LSU graduate and a Master of Public Administration. She is an entrepreneur and has served on the Board of Directors for Louisiana Earth Day for 15 years. She has many years of experience in community non-profit organization management, and has worked as a communications and public relations professional for such organizations as The American Cancer Society, EBRP Recycling Office, and the Ed Reed Organization.

Bernard has shown an unending commitment to our schools, volunteering in our schools for over 12 years, working at school events and assisting in fundraising…even answering phones at the front desk.

Bernard has worked as a substitute teacher at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, in gifted and traditional classrooms, and understands the classroom experience in EBR schools today.

Most importantly, Bernard serves as a liaison between families and the school system and is very responsive to your needs.