Federal Programs

Federal Programs Contacts

Administrative Director of Federal Programs 225.922.5538 sbhorton@ebrschools.org Email Me
School Support 225.922.5517 aacosta@ebrschools.org Email Me
School Support 225.922.5505 kbridges@ebrschools.org Email Me
School Support 225.922.5593 dedwards5@ebrschools.org Email Me
School Support 225.922.5587 dferchaud@ebrschools.org Email Me
School Support 225.922.5506 clewis16@ebrschools.org Email Me
School Support 225.922.5466 dprimus@ebrschools.org Email Me
School Support 225.922.5636 msalvacion@ebrschools.org Email Me
School Support 225.922.5573 asampson@ebrschools.org Email Me
School Support 225.922.5529 lsignater@ebrschools.org Email Me
School Support 225.239.7827 vtriggs@ebrschools.org Email Me
Program Support 225.922.5515 mmckenzie@ebrschools.org Email Me
Program Support 225.922.5556 kmengarelli@ebrschools.org Email Me
Program Support 225.922.5512 npitts@ebrschools.org Email Me
Program Support 225.922.5581 mposey@ebrschools.org Email Me
Program Support 225.922.5461 fhuffman@ebrschools.org Email Me
Program Support 225.922.5559 cjackson@ebrschools.org Email Me
Program Support 225.922.5518 lamotted.irc@gmail.com Email Me
Program Support 225.922.5589 ircwl5589@gmail.com Email Me
Program Support 225.922.5474 iperez@ebrschools.org Email Me
Program Support 225.922.5581 jsaulnyirc@gmail.com Email Me

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