Division of Accountability and Assessment

Division of Accountability and Assessment

About our Division

The Office of Accountability, Assessment, and Evaluation seeks to assist schools in providing overall school performance scores by providing support in accreditation, state testing, benchmarks tests, and district test coordination.

Major areas of concentration include managing the district benchmark platform, handling the Curriculum Verification Roster (CVR), and providing training for administering district, state, and national assessments.

Assessment programs include Desired Results Developmental Profile-Kindergarten (DRDP-K), DIBELS, LEAP 2025, GEE, “Old” GEE, LEAP Connect, LAA1, LAA2, ELPT, EOC, NAEP, ACT, field tests, proficiency and placement tests, and district benchmark tests.

The Data, Analytics, and Evaluation Team assists in research projects for graduate student research, school-based volunteer organizations, and national programs.


Chief Officer for Accountability and Assessment

Andrea O’Konski

Director of Accountability

Cynthia Sampey

Director of Data

Dr. Trey M. Earle

District Grants Writer

Suzanna Navo