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Children’s Charter Elementary School (CCES) has implemented a variety of programs, each designed to contribute to the overall success of all students. The school recognizes that children possess different learning styles and rates of social and academic development and that learning happens through positive social interaction. For these reasons, CCES staff and teachers meet each student at his or her point of need.



1143 North Street Baton Rouge LA 70802

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Ph: 225.387.9273


Latasha Skidmore

Positive Social Interaction

The school utilizes small class size to maximum learning potential, offers a variety of music and visual arts opportunities, recognizes the benefits of physical fitness as it relates to student readiness for learning, and provides ample technology for students to learn in a digital world. The school actively seeks to employ teachers who possess a passion for teaching in an urban setting and then provides them with rigorous professional development designed to enable them to positively affect student social and academic performance. Children’s Charter understands that knowing the families is as important as knowing the children and therefore strives for and encourages active parental involvement.

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