White Hills Elementary Students Create “Tasty” Moon Phases

Aug. 16 2017

If you feed them, they will learn! While getting ready for the upcoming solar eclipse, Lacy Aucoin’s 4th grade math & science class at White Hills elementary has been learning about the path our moon makes and its phases.  So, she pulled out the Oreo Cookie Moon Phases activity.

Who doesn’t love Oreos? Interest in the lesson was immediately noticed as the students arrived to class and spotted the huge pile of Oreo packages on the back table of the classroom.

After creating and labeling a model of the moon phases in their journals, the students were given enough Oreo cookies to make each phase and a scraper. They were instructed to take apart the cookies and to create the moon phase using the creamy icing filling. Each cookie phase was then

placed upon the corresponding phase on the model in their science journals .

After they concluded the lesson, the students were able to snack on their yummy phases! It was a huge hit!

Oreo Moon PhaseOreo Moon Phase

Oreo Moon PhaseOreo Moon PhaseOreo Moon PhaseOreo Moon Phase

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