Adult Education

Waiver to Exit

Students who are 16 and 17 years of age may request a waiver to exit school to enter adult education.

  • Students who are 16 or 17 years of age and currently enrolled in an East Baton Rouge Parish School System (EBRPSS) school must report to their assigned school to obtain and complete the waiver form.
  • Students who are 16 or 17 years of age and live in East Baton Rouge Parish and have been most recently enrolled in a home school program or an out of parish or out of state school must report to the appropriate EBRPSS school in the attendance zone in which they live to obtain and complete the waiver form. To locate your school/school system click here.
  • Students who are 16 or 17 years of age and live outside of East Baton Rouge Parish or who have been most recently enrolled in a charter, home school, online, private or RSD school must obtain the form from that agency/institution or the school district in which they live and submit the form to the superintendent or agency administrator of that institution for approval.

NOTE: Non-EBRPSS schools/officials may obtain a copy of the waiver form by sending an email request to To request the form by phone, please call 225.226.7648.

The waiver to exit request must be submitted with proper documentation. The following items must be included:

  • Age Waiver Counseling form (EBRPSS Students)
  • Completed age waiver request to exit school
  • Documentation of the need for the waiver based on one of the categories listed below:
    • Pregnant or actively parenting
    • Incarcerated or adjudicated
    • Institutionalized or living in a residential facility
    • Chronic physical or mental illness
    • Family and/or economic hardships – Family and/or economic hardship is defined as a student who acts as a caregiver or must work to support the family due to a parent’s death or illness, or needs to be removed from an existing home environment.
  • Once the completed waiver to exit packet is received, it will be reviewed by the appropriate EBRPSS Executive Director and the EBRPSS Director of Adult Education.
  • Once approved, the EBRPSS Director of Adult Education will forward a copy of the approved age waiver to the assigned adult education program. The assigned adult education program must have an approved waiver BEFORE the student may enroll in adult education.
  • Once the student has completed orientation and enrollment in adult education, a copy of the approved waiver will be provided to the referring school with an effective drop date.
  • Students in the Louisiana National Guard Youth Challenge Program (YCP) must present a copy of the graduation certificate/letter verifying participation in YCP or if recently dismissed from the program must present a copy of the letter of dismissal.
  • Married 16 and 17 year olds must submit a copy of their marriage licenses.
  • Emancipated 16 & 17 year olds must submit a copy of their emancipation documents.
  • Students who have graduated from a K-12 program must present a copy of their diploma.


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