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Redistricting & Reapportionment

The proposed map will be on display for viewing in the foyer of the East Baton Rouge Parish Central Office located at 1050 South Foster Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806. Viewers will be able to submit public comments.

What is Reapportionment?

Reapportionment is the redistribution of representation in a legislative body.

Louisiana law La. R.S. 33:1411 provides a mandatory six month timeframe after the official release of the census for all parish governing authorities which provide for the election of its members from wards, districts, or other subdivisions to examine the apportionment plan of its body to determine if there exists any substantial variation in the representation of the election districts and then adopt an ordinance by a majority of its members to either:

(1) declare its apportionment to be equitable and continue its existing apportionment plan
(2) provide for a new apportionment plan.

The law further provides that the boundaries of any election district for a new apportionment plan shall contain whole election precincts established by the parish governing authority under La. R.S. 18:532 or La. R.S. 18:532.1 (La. R.S. 33:1411(C)), unless certain exceptions apply. Additionally, municipalities who are elected by districts, school boards, and city councils shall each examine their respective voting districts under their current apportionment plan to determine whether or not there is a substantial variation. At that time, they will adopt an ordinance either confirming their voting districts are equitable or providing a new plan.

If it is determined that a new plan is needed, the governing body will then meet to discuss and adopt changes to the voting districts. This process may include the use of an outside demographer to assist with creating the plan.

What is Redistricting?

“Unless a different period of time is specified by the constitution or by statute, the governing authority of each local governing body shall reapportion its voting districts by the end of the year following the year in which the population of this state is reported to the president of the United States for each decennial census.” La. R.S. 18:1922

What if an entity fails to redistrict/reapportion?
La. R.S. 18:1922 and La. R.S. 18:1923 provide that failure to meet the time for reapportionment by local governing bodies is misfeasance in office and may subject the governing authority to a loss of state revenue sharing funds.

Implementation of Reapportionment Plans by the Secretary of State’s Office
The Louisiana secretary of state is responsible for establishing a state voter registration computer system for the registration of voters throughout the state, which contains the election jurisdiction for all offices voted on throughout the state. Redistricting plans are required to be submitted to the Secretary of State’s Office by certified mail and to also be sent to the clerk of court and the registrar of voters. La. R.S. 18:1945(C) provides that no redistricting plan shall be implemented unless the plan is received by the secretary of state prior to 4:30 p.m. four weeks prior to the date the qualifying period opens.

If a local government utilizes a geographic information system (GIS) software to develop its redistricting plans, they are required to submit an electronic shapefile to the secretary of state within 10 business days of adoption of the redistricting plan. If they are unable to submit an electronic shapefile, they must submit an ASCII comma delimited block equivalency import file which indicates the census block assignments in the redistricting plan.

The above information has been taken from https://www.sos.la.gov/ElectionsAndVoting/GetElectionInformation/LearnAboutRedistricting/Pages/default.aspx

The East Baton Rouge Parish School Board welcomes all comments, suggestions, and ideas related to redistricting process.

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Demographer Maps and Data

In lieu of online digital submissions, members of the community may submit documents, maps and suggestions related to Redistricting to the front desk of the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Central Office, located at 1050 South Foster Drive, Baton Rouge.  All in person submissions should be left care of:
April Armond EBRPSS Board Secretary
Toni Head Administrative Assistant to the General Counsel

Budget Management

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The Facilities Department is responsible for managing capital improvement projects and vendor service contracts to ensure safe learning environments.

Facilities Service Request:

Aramark Service Response Center

Call (225) 226-3723 | Text (225) 522-2011



The Finance Department provides oversight to the payroll, benefits, accounts payable, grants, and property control functions for the school system while maintaining compliance with generally accepted accounting principals and all applicable laws.

Levying Millage on 2021 Assessment Roll

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Human Resources

Welcome to the East Baton Rouge Parish School System Office of Human Resources. We are dedicated to excellence in human resources services, responsiveness to employees’ needs, and supporting our District’s Strategic Plan with a focus on the following:

-Recruiting, hiring, and retaining highly qualified staff, which includes providing a caring and competent teacher in every classroom and highly effective leaders in every school and district office
-Advocating for a work environment where each employee’s talent, creativity, and successes are recognized, valued, and encouraged
-Ensuring a safe and professional work environment that emphasizes mutual respect, equitable practices, and maximizes employee effectiveness 
-Providing employment-related resources and information to employees with an emphasis on timely responsiveness and customer service

This webpage is designed to provide information for both current and prospective employees,  provide up-to-date forms and resources, and assist in connecting employees with support pertaining to the Human Resources Department.

It is our goal to assist you in a friendly, courteous, and confidential manner whether you are a current employee, student, parent, or community member. If you cannot find the answer you are seeking, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Human Resources directly.

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Diversity & Equity

Identify and promote equitable access to opportunities, benefits, and resources for all students and staff. The department will review and manage data that leads the decision-making process and protocol that demonstrates a commitment to institutional fairness and equality in alignment with our Strategic Plan.

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Graphic Design

The Graphic Arts Department has the resources to produce whatever you need in terms of printed products and can do so at a lower cost than other printing agencies. With our offset and digital equipment, we have fast turnaround times and are capable of doing static and variable data printing. We can print posters, banners, wood, and plastic signs at sizes up to 4 feet wide. We have a designer on staff who can help you make your print jobs have a professional look and we have access to thousands of copyright free photos and clip art files for you to use. 

Ordering Printed Materials

To order printed materials from Graphic Arts, please login here

You must have an EBR Department or School Account number to receive a login ID and password. If you have trouble remembering your ID or password, please contact us.

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School Safety & Security

The Office of School Safety and Security consist of Sheriff’s Deputies from the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office. These School Resource Officers work on school campuses and site of the school system to provide safety and security for students and personnel. The School Resource Officers also maintain lines of communication with the students, staff, and the community.

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