The Mission of East Baton Rouge Parish School System, in partnership with our community, is to educate all students to their maximum potential in a caring, rigorous and safe environment.

The Vision of the East Baton Rouge Parish School System is to graduate students with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to become active and successful members of a dynamic learning community. 


Charter schools offer teachers, parents and community members the opportunity to create new public schools in response to community needs. In return, these chartered schools agree to be held accountable by their authorizer- the EBRPSS- for student performance outcomes. If the charter school fails to produce the promised student outcomes, the authorizer may intervene in a variety of ways, and, as a last resort, can close the school. Quality charter school authorizing is the linchpin of the charter promise of accountability for results and the creation of quality educational opportunities. While EBRPSS is not responsible for the ultimate success or failure of a charter school, they can have a major impact on that outcome by providing strong oversight and accountability.

Recognizing new and innovative ways of carrying out our mission, EBRPSS has become a charter authorizer.  The district engages in pro-active relationships and a value added approach to the schools with which we partner. During the start-up phase of the process, EBRPSS staff works closely with founding groups to ensure a successful opening. Once operational, EBRPSS staff monitors the financial and academic performance of its schools through frequent communication, regularly scheduled site visits, and data/ document reviews.  The district recognizes the great challenges and difficulties in starting a school and provides support in navigating the process while respecting the autonomy and uniqueness of each school.


 East Baton Rouge Parish School Board 2019 District Charter School Application Process
for Schools Opening in the 2020-2021 School Year or Beyond

Forms and Information Needed for Submission of a Type 1 or Type 3 Charter School Proposal

In compliance with R.S. 17:3982, the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board is making public through our website, and in printed form upon request, the guidelines for submitting a charter proposal, all forms required for submission of a charter proposal, the timelines established for accepting and reviewing charter proposals, the process that will be used to review charter proposals submitted to the board, and the name and contact information for a primary point of contact for charter proposals.

I. Charter School Application

Applicants should complete the 2019 Common Charter School Application found here.  

The common application requires applicants to complete five sets of documents – a charter proposal written in response to the questions posed in the common application, a finances template, an eligibility form, background check forms, and an overview template.  Links to the last four sets of documents are embedded within the common charter application.

Local school boards have the option of requiring applicants for Type 3 charter to demonstrate support from stakeholders of the currently operating school proposed for transformation including the following:

  • A majority of school staff
  • Parents and guardians of a majority of current students

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System requires that all Type 3 applicants meet both of the above requirements.

II. Charter School Process Schedule

  • December 14, 2018: Charter application released
  • March 1, 2019: Applications due
  • Applicants should email the five required sets of documents to with a carbon copy to
  •  June 7, 2019: Last day for East Baton Rouge Parish School Board to make decisions to approve or deny charter applications

 III. Charter Application Review Process

All charter applications will be reviewed by an independent evaluator with educational, organizational, legal, and financial expertise.  Applicants will have the opportunity to provide to the evaluator a written response to the independent evaluation of their charter application before the evaluator provides a final recommendation to East Baton Rouge Parish School Board.

IV.  Charter School Contact Information

Individuals or organizations with questions about the district’s charter application process should contact:

Andrea O’Konski, Chief of Accountability, Assessment and Evaluation


  Posted January 8, 2019