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Head Coach Don Barrow


Don Barrow graduated from the University of Louisiana at Monroe in Social Sciences. He is a third year Social Studies teacher who is committed to student success inside the classroom and in life. Don has always had a heart for family and communities around East Baton Rouge Parish, he’s been married for 11 years with three beautiful kids and currently serves as the Vice President of the Mewelde Moore Knowledge First Foundation. Their mission is to provide various resources to the underserved, to assist in the process of youth achieving their greatest potential in education and sports. 


Don graduated from Belaire HS in 1998 where he was named to 1st Team All District and lettered all four years as a varsity player. He went on to play at Delgado CC as an outfielder and then played and coached in the Sugar Cane League for 7 years with the Baton Rouge Twins and New Roads Tigers. His High School coaching career started at Denham Springs HS in 2017 where he was the Freshman Head Coach. He also served as an assistant for the Yellow Jackets Varsity where he coached the hitters and outfielders. Don has spent his summers coaching on the select baseball circuit and is currently a Head Coach in the Louisiana Knights organization.


Assistant Coach Roddy Chaisson 
Volunteer Coach Del Barrow 

Basketball - Boys

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Basketball - Girls

Head Coach Krystal Flowers


As members of the McKinley High School Lady Panther Athletic program we will understand playing basketball demands tremendous commitment and dedication to the game and their team. Likewise, parents make great commitment and sacrifice for their daughters to play with the team. Playing for the Lady Panthers is a privilege not a right. As Lady Panthers players and parents, we understand and agree to the following policies:

Player Responsibilities
1. All players will treat officials and opponents with dignity and respect.
2. All players, regardless of ability and/or playing time are equal members of the team. Each and every player will treat all teammates with acceptance, respect, and friendship.
3. All players will provide maximum effort in practice and games.
4. Attendance at all practices, team meetings, and games is mandatory. While injured players may be unable to play, they are still expected to arrive on time, listen to coaches, and encourage teammates and assist the team.
5. In very rare situations, players may be excused from games and/or practices. When this occurs, players are responsible for informing the coach verbally through phone or meeting at the earliest possible time.
6. When players miss practice and/or games, playing time in future games may be affected.
7. Unexcused absences are absences in which the coach was not informed in the manner described above and/or the reason for the absence is not satisfactory. An unexcused absence from practice and/or game will result in the suspension of the player from the next game in which the player is eligible to play.
8. Players are to be on time for all practices and games. Tardiness may affect playing time in games. Chronic lateness may result in suspension of the player.
9. Players are expected to directly seek understanding and resolution when questions or problems arise with coaches and teammates.
10. Players will conduct their personal lives in a manner that brings honor to themselves and the team. This includes school performances, self-respect, healthy behaviors, and social responsibility.


Code of Conduct
1. Play to win
2. Play fair, Observe the rules of the game
3. Respect Coaches, Teammates, Opponents, Referees, Officials, and Spectators.
4. Accept Defeat with Dignity. Win with modesty and give credit to teammates.
5. Always promote the best interest of our Basketball Program and McKinley Sr. High School
6. Reject negativity, corruption, drugs, racism, and violence.


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Head Coach Sa’Carl Taylor
Sponsor Orleans Wilkinson 

Cross Country

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Soccer - Boys

Head Coach Jared Shaw
Assistant Coach Morgan Johnson

Soccer - Girls

Head Coach Morgan Johnson 


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Head Coach Clarissa Johnson


Head Coach Nicole Gillette


Head Coach Marlon Williams
Assistant Coach Stephen Garcia