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I CARE Specialists

Inger Sanford

Northeast (High, Elementary), Merrydale, Progress, Helix Aviation and Law

Calvin McClinton

EBR Readiness (High, Middle, Elementary), Christa McAuliffe, Claiborne, St. Francis Xavier

Chandra Delone

Istrouma (High, Middle), Melrose, Winbourne, Park, Helix Mentorship

Cecile Washington

Riveroaks, BR FLAIM, JK Haynes, Hosanna

Jennifer Degruise

Sherwood, Villa del Rey, Park Forest Elementary, Catholic High

Danica Tietje

Woodlawn (High, Middle, Elem), Jefferson Terrace, Episcopal, Parkview Baptist

Hope Schild

BRMHS, Glasgow, Highland, The Dufrocq School, Wildwood, St. Joseph's Academy

Rachelle Aikens

Crestworth (Middle, Elementary), Great Hearts (Middle, Elementary), BR FLAIM

Kenya Huggins

Capitol (High, Middle, Elementary), BRCVPA, Jehovah Jireh, Ryan Detention Center

Lorie Anderson

Baton Rouge Magnet High, Liberty, Mayfair Lab, Highland, Eva Legard, U-High

Pam Howard

Glen Oaks (High, Middle), Glen Oaks Park, Forest Heights, Ryan Elementary, GEO Prep

Melvin Sanders

Scotlandville (High, Middle), Arlington Prep, Sharon Hills, Brownfields/White Hills, Helix Aviation, Helix Law

April Fisher

Northdale, Belfair (Middle, Elementary), Cedarcrest, Twin Oaks, Southern Lab School

Urlecia Selders

EBR Virtual, IDEA (Middle, Elementary), Wedgewood, Greenbrier, Our Lady of Mercy

Peter Jory

Tara, Westdale Middle, Park Forest Middle, Bernard Terrace, Collegiate Academy

Thea Robinson

Belaire, Magnolia Woods, CSAL Elementary, LaBelle Aire, South Baton Rouge Charter

Susan Thorton

McKinley (High, Middle, Elementary), SFX

Tanya Griffin

Broadmoor High, CSAL MS, WHAM, The Dufrocq School, CSAL, Inc.

Mamie Landry

Southeast, Glasgow, Westminster, Shenandoah, Parkview Elementary, St. Michael the Archangel

Joy Duhon

IDEA, Delmont, Southdowns, Broadmoor Elementary, LaSalle, Wildwood, GEO Prep



Suicide Prevention


Substance Abuse Prevention &
National Bully Prevention


Vaping Awareness


Fire Safety


Violence Prevention


National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention


Alcohol Awareness
Summer Safety


Alcohol Awareness
Summer Safety


Mental Health Month

Mindful Moments

Mindful Moments can be used by schools during announcements. These “moments” are broken down by the month and can be done each morning for a semester. Great conversation starters with students and staff. A great way to start a great day!

Prevention Programs

Additional information coming soon, please check for updates soon.


TeamSpirit is a peer-led prevention program designed to deliver a prevention message to a high school audience over the course of a full school year. It was originally developed under the auspices of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. The program has been utilized by I CARE to deliver prevention awareness and education in Baton Rouge area high schools for over 25 years and is based on the belief that youth can become a potent force in combating the related problems of underage drinking, use of other drugs and impaired driving by peers. The program is fully funded and supported by I CARE for all participating East Baton Rouge parish public, non-public, and approved district charter schools.

Two-Way Radio Guidelines

Should you have a request for additional units based on a significant and justifiable need or an emergency situation, please complete the form below with an emphasis on providing details of the justification. Please note that requests will be met based on justifiable need, budget constraints, and order of request in that priority. Refurbished units may be provided, however, please note that provisions for additional units are extremely limited.
Radio units are assigned and required to remain at the school site and should not be transferred to other schools. Stolen units require an incident report to be filed by the school administrator and written notification given to the EBR Parish School Security Office. Lost units, or units moved to new school sites, should be reported to the I CARE Office for further investigation.