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Four new magnet programs added to EBR Schools

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System is adding four new magnet programs, thanks to a $15 million grant from the Magnet Schools Assistance Programs. McKinley Elementary, Broadmoor Elementary, BR (School of the Arts) Conservatory and McKinley High are the four district schools selected for transformative magnet program development.

“We are thrilled for yet another opportunity to implement innovative programs,” said interim Superintendent Adam Smith. “Executive Director Theresa Porter and her team have an excellent track record for implementing innovative programs, and this grant is instrumental for the district to add to the menu of school choices for our students.”

Each school will feature a visual and performing arts theme emphasizing broadcast journalism. In addition, the program at McKinley High will feature a Teaching Training Center.

There are no academic requirements for these programs. The district will begin accepting applications for McKinley Elementary, Broadmoor Elementary and McKinley High programs on Monday, May 27. Applications for the BR Conservatory will be available during the first application period in the fall.

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