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Division of Accountability & Assessment

Division of Accountability & Assessment

Division Overview

The Office of Accountability, Assessment, and Evaluation seeks to assist schools in providing overall school performance scores by providing support in accreditation, state testing, benchmarks tests, and district test coordination.

Major areas of concentration include managing the district benchmark platform, handling the Curriculum Verification Roster (CVR), and providing training for administering district, state, and national assessments.

Assessment programs include Desired Results Developmental Profile-Kindergarten (DRDP-K), DIBELS, LEAP 2025, GEE, “Old” GEE, LEAP Connect, LAA1, LAA2, ELPT, EOC, NAEP, ACT, field tests, proficiency and placement tests, and district benchmark tests.

The Data, Analytics, and Evaluation Team assists in research projects for graduate student research, school-based volunteer organizations, and national programs.

Cognia Accreditation Standards

Cognia External Review Team will interview East Baton Rouge Parish School System remotely through Zoom every six years. A multi-member team will evaluate the system’s adherence to the Cognia Performance Standards for K-12 School Systems.

Key Characteristic 1: Culture of Learning 

STANDARD 1:  Leaders cultivate and sustain a culture that demonstrates respect, fairness, equity, and inclusion, and is free from bias. 

STANDARD 2: Learners’ well-being is at the heart of the institution’s guiding principles such as mission, purpose, and beliefs. 

STANDARD 3: Leaders actively engage stakeholders to support the institution’s priorities and guiding principles that promote learners’ academic growth and well-being. 

STANDARD 4: Learners benefit from a formal structure that fosters positive relationships with peers and adults. 

STANDARD 5: Professional staff members embrace effective collegiality and collaboration in support of learners. 

STANDARD 6: Professional staff members receive the support they need to strengthen their professional practice.

Key Characteristic 2: Leadership for Learning 

STANDARD 7: Leaders guide professional staff members in the continuous improvement process focused on learners’ experiences and needs. 

STANDARD 8: The governing authority demonstrates a commitment to learners by collaborating with leaders to uphold the institution’s priorities and to drive continuous improvement. 

STANDARD 9: Leaders cultivate effective individual and collective leadership among stakeholders. 

STANDARD 10: Leaders demonstrate expertise in recruiting, supervising, and evaluating professional staff members to optimize learning. 

STANDARD 11: Leaders create and maintain institutional structures and processes that support learners and staff members in both stable and changing environments. 

STANDARD 12: Professional staff members implement curriculum and instruction that are aligned for relevancy, inclusion, and effectiveness. 

STANDARD 13: Qualified personnel instruct and assist learners and each other in support of the institution’s mission, purpose, and beliefs. 

STANDARD 14: Curriculum and instruction are augmented by reliable information resources and materials that advance learning and support learners’ personal interests. 

STANDARD 15: Learners’ needs drive the equitable allocation and management of human, material, digital, and fiscal resources.

Key Characteristic 3: Engagement of Learning 

STANDARD 16: Learners experience curriculum and instruction that emphasize the value of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and abilities. 

STANDARD 17: Learners have equitable opportunities to realize their learning potential. 

STANDARD 18: Learners are immersed in an environment that fosters lifelong skills including creativity, curiosity, risk taking, collaboration, and design thinking. 

STANDARD 19: Learners are immersed in an environment that promotes and respects student voice and responsibility for their learning. 

STANDARD 20: Learners engage in experiences that promote and develop their self-confidence and love of learning.  

STANDARD 21: Instruction is characterized by high expectations and learner-centered practices. 

STANDARD 22: Instruction is monitored and adjusted to advance and deepen individual learners’ knowledge and understanding of the curriculum. 

STANDARD 23: Professional staff members integrate digital resources that deepen and advance learners’ engagement with instruction and stimulate their curiosity

Key Characteristic 4: Growth in Learning 

STANDARD 24 Leaders use data and input from a variety of sources to make decisions for learners’ and staff members’ growth and well-being. 

STANDARD 25: Leaders promote action research by professional staff members to improve their practice and advance learning. 

STANDARD 26: Leaders regularly evaluate instructional programs and organizational conditions to improve instruction and advance learning. 

STANDARD 27: Learners’ diverse academic and non-academic needs are identified and effectively addressed through appropriate interventions. 

STANDARD 28: With support, learners pursue individual goals including the acquisition of academic and non-academic skills important for their educational futures and careers. 

STANDARD 29: Understanding learners’ needs and interests drives the design, delivery, application, and evaluation of professional learning.  

STANDARD 30: Learners’ progress is measured through a balanced system that includes assessment both for learning and of learning.

East Baton Rouge Parish School System utilizes an assessment program for all students who access the general curriculum.  Kindergarten and grade 1 take English/Language Arts and Mathematic Assessments.  Students in grades 2-8 are tested in the four core subjects:  English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.  High School students are assessed in English (I, II, and III), Algebra I, Geometry, Biology, and U.S. History.  The assessment program consists of three types of tests:

-A comprehensive pretest in August and posttest in May determines student growth on the standards taught during the school year.

-District assessments administered throughout the year measure student mastery of state standards. These assessments mirror the style and content of the state assessments the students take in the spring.

-Formative assessments created by classroom teachers or school-level instructional specialists monitor student progress between district assessments

Test content is aligned to the standards adopted by the Louisiana Department of Education and taught in the East Baton Rouge Parish curriculum.  The tests are developed by East Baton Rouge faculty and staff and supplemented with commercial products as well as items developed from Louisiana released test items.  Each grade period test has both multiple choice and open-ended items.  Teachers are provided scoring rubrics for short answer items, constructed responses, tasks, and essays.

Assessments are delivered either paper and pencil with scorable answer sheets or online using the Educational Assessment Data Management System (EADMS) from Adrylan Communications.  Reports at various levels:  student, teacher/classroom, school, and district aid the teachers and administrators in making decisions regarding classroom instruction and in giving students timely, detailed feedback.  This data is used to write and evaluate goals for the East Baton Rouge School System Strategic Accountability Plan and the School Improvement Plan.

Grade Value for Benchmark Assessments

Grades K-8

Alg II, Geometry, Adv. Math

Alg I, Math Essentials

High School ELA

High School Science

High School Social Studies


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LEAP 2025 High School Summer Remediation

Please submit this application for East Baton Rouge Parish students in grades 9-12 participating in LEAP 2025 remediation June 1 – June 17, 2021. Fill out each required field correctly.

LEAP 2025 Middle School Summer Remediation

Please submit this application for East Baton Rouge Parish students in grades 6-8 participating in LEAP 2025 remediation June 1 – June 24, 2021. Fill out each required field correctly.

LEAP 2025 Elementary School Summer Remediation

Please submit this application for East Baton Rouge Parish students in grades 3-5 participating in LEAP 2025 remediation June 1 – June 24, 2021. Fill out each required field correctly.

Resources for School Test Coordinators and Administrators

School administrators and school test coordinators are provided access to data systems with an ID and password by the Accountability Office. All users must have a Security Oath on file for the current year.

Forms for Test Coordinators

Accommodations Fillable

Access to Testing Materials/School Test Coordinator/ANet Coordinator/Illuminate Coordinator

Security and Confidentiality Statements

Excessive Erasures Reporting

Sample Seating Chart

Time Lost Report Form

SBLC Promotion Waiver

STC Responsibilities

Test Irregularity Form

Proficiency Test Request – High School Only

English Language Arts



Social Studies

Foreign Language

Request for Test Scores

Request for Test Scores

Request for Kindergarten Entry Assessment Scores

Request to Test in Alternative Environment

Resource Links

State Testing Calendar 2021-2022

Private and Non-Public Parent Letters

Practice Test and Released Test Items – this link has a variety of testing resources for parents, students, and teachers

Assessment Guides and References – provides information for:

-ACT – Explore, Plan, and ACT

-End-of-Course Tests – High School

-PARCC – Grades 3-8 English Language Arts and Math

-LEAP and iLEAP – Grades 3-8 Science and Social Studies

EAGLE – school personnel have access to this online assessment tool from the Louisiana Department of Education

School and District Performance Reports

School Performance Scores Summary

Louisiana School and District Report Cards

LDE Data Library

School Finder

Tools for Analyzing Test Data

School Performance Score Calculator

Policies and Bulletins

Louisiana Department of Education Bulletins and Policies

Graduation Requirements

Division Directory

Chief Officer for Accountability and Assessment

Andrea O’Konski

Division of Accountability

Director of Accountability, Cynthia Sampey

Director of Data, Dr. Trey M. Earle

District Grants Writer,  Suzanne Navo

Accountability Department

Research Requests

External Data Request for Information

This form is for external stakeholders partnering with East Baton Rouge Parish School System’s district divisions, departments, and/or schools to conduct educational research.

Please note: Due to the file upload section of this form, respondents must have a Google account to view and complete the form. If you do not have a Google account, please click here to create a free account. 

Request to Conduct Research

This form is for external stakeholders or EBRPSS employees conducting educational research for an advanced degree and/or publication through an educational institution and have selected EBRPSS as a subject for their research.

Please note: Due to the file upload section of this form, respondents must have a Google account to view and complete the form. If you do not have a Google account, please click here to create a free account. 

Internal Request for Information (School Level or District Level)

This form is for internal employees of EBRPSS who would like access to school-level or district-level data for the strategic planning of overall school improvement of the district, school, teacher, and student performance.

PLEASE NOTE: If a request for school-level and district-level data is needed, both forms must be completed For additional questions or support, please email

For more information or assistance, please contact us:

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