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Office of General Counsel

Office of General Counsel

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ADA Compliance Office

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Fair Share Program


To facilitate the inclusion of minority and women owned businesses in the procurement, design, and construction processes of the East Baton Rouge Parish Public School System.


To provide improved access to opportunity for participants in the program.


The reduction of barriers and enhanced economic development of women owned and minority owned businesses in the Baton Rouge Community. This is in support of a 20% utilization goal for women and minority owned businesses. 



Go – Upon certification, focus on what your company does well

Grow – Expand your brand and build capacity

Compete – Participate, network, and re-invest in your company

The Fair Share Program is a business assistance program for Minority and Women owned Business Enterprises (MWBE). It offers a broad scope of assistance to business that are least 51% owned and controlled by minority and women ownership. The program objective is to help ensure participation of MWBEs in procurement and contract opportunities with the East Baton Rouge Parish School System. Participants in the program receive information related to business opportunities within the school system. 

The Fair Share Program helps to provide business development support in the following ways:

-Relationship Builing
-Bidding Procedures
-Business Marketing
-Access to Financial Assistance
-Possible Bonding Support

Step 1:

Contact the Fair Share Office to receive the Company Profile Form

Step 2:

Once the Company Profile Form is received, a one-on-one interview will be scheduled

Step 3: 

Complete the online application

EBRPSS Fair Share Application

EBRPSS Fair Share Application – DBEs

What is the purpose of the Fair Share Program?

To provide improved access to opportunities provided by the EBRPSS.

How do I apply to be a part of the Fair Share Program?

To become a participant, you must complete a Company Profile, receive a one-on-one interview, and complete an application.

If I don’t have a DBE Certification can I still apply to be a participant of the Fair Share Program?

Yes, you can still apply and be a participant of the program.

Which Department do the bids come from?

Primarily Aramark, CSRS/Tillage, and Purchasing.

What is the bidding process for jobs?

Attend the pre-bid meeting, submit bids, and complete the job if your bid is accepted.

Risk Management

The Department of Risk Management is committed to investigating all incidents in a prompt and courteous manner and correcting unsafe acts, conditions, etc. Necessary steps are taken to resolve matters as quickly and fairly as possible. We continually strive to provide the best quality service to our employees, students, and community when tragedy strikes beyond our control. 

“Safety First” Don’t Take Chances!

Safety is always our first concern. We are responsible for notifying and following-up with the appropriate supervisors of any safety hazards, acts, and/or situations that could bring harm to our employees or students. 

We also service claims for all job sites, school board vehicles, employees, students, etc. Some claims are paid in-house depending on severity and others are paid by our third party administrator. 

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System is a self-insured public entity.

Click below to view the Risk Management Workshop presented at the Office of Human Resources Boot Camp 2020.

Office of Human Resources Boot Camp 2020 – Risk Management Workshop

Title IX

This is a notice to all students, parents, employees, unions, and professional organizations holding collective bargaining or professional agreements with the East Baton Rouge Parish School System, that discrimination based on sex in education programs and activities in federally funded school districts and colleges at all levels is prohibited.

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX) Prohibits discrimination based on sex in education programs and activities in federally funded schools at all levels. If any part of a school district or college receives any Federal funds for any purpose, all of the operations of the district or college are covered by Title IX.

Title IX protects students, employees, applicants for admission and employment, and other persons from all forms of sex discrimination including discrimination based on gender identity or failure to conform to stereotypical notions of masculinity or femininity. All students (as well as other person) at recipient institutions are protected by Title IX–regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, part- or full-time status, disability, race, or national origin–in all aspects of a recipient’s educational programs and activities.

As part of their obligations under Title IX, all recipients of Federal financial assistance must designate at least one employee to coordinate their efforts to comply with and carry out their responsibilities under Title IX and must notify all students and employees as the Title IX coordinator.

The essence of Title IX is that an institution may not exclude, separate, deny benefits to, or otherwise treat differently an person on the basis of sex, unless expressly authorized, is considering relying on one of the exceptions to this general rule (several of which are discussed below), Title IX coordinators should be involved at every stage and work with school officials and legal counsel to help determine whether the exception is applicable and, if so, properly executed. 

Title IX notice posters are located in the front office and common areas all EBRPSS school sites.

A Title IX report of sexual harassment may be initiated by completing the Title IX grievance form found below or by submitting a grievance letter or email.

Report of Title IX Violation

Title IX Procedures

Please contact Andrew Davis at if you need help initiating a Title IX report or have any questions regarding Title IX.

Due to the potential for severe inclement weather, East Baton Rouge Parish Schools campuses and offices are closed Wednesday, April 10, 2024, and all activities will be canceled.

Please stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.