EBRPSS Provides Active Shooter Bus Training for Transportation Supervisors

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System continues to prioritize safety and security by offering training throughout the summer to prepare school leaders for the upcoming school year. This morning, Robert McGarner, Director of School Security, and the Baton Rouge Police Department’s Special Response Team coordinated an active shooter bus training for transportation supervisors.

The training involved a PowerPoint class and hands-on drills to illustrate how to isolate any potential threats. The training was conducted by Sgt. Brian Norris and Sgt. Chris McClure of the BRPD. In light of the recent school shooting, we are dedicated to protecting and providing top security to our faculty and staff within our schools, offices and transportation systems.

For additional information, please contact Paris Flannigan, Public Information Officer, at 225-964-3739 or via email at pflannigan@ebrschools.org.

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