On March 27th, 2023, EBR Schools began offering families 24/7 customer service support through an easy-to-use two way text messaging system featuring a friendly chatbot. This exciting news, the result of a partnership with AllHere, means families will be able to receive quick responses to frequently asked questions about attendance, grades, missed assignments, transportation, schedules, calendars, and much more. 

This automated solution, powered by artificial intelligence, will offer the following benefits:

  • Responses within seconds, allowing families to receive answers in real-time
  • Translations in more than 100 languages, making it easier for families who do not speak English to receive help
  • Before and after-hours virtual assistance means families can access resources when and where it is convenient for them
  • A system that operates entirely over SMS text messaging, eliminating the need for a smartphone or an app
  • Proactive messages and reminders to alert families and schools about high levels of absenteeism and missed opportunities to learn so early interventions can be identified
  • Connection to District resources so families can receive support in overcoming barriers to their children’s K-12 attendance
  • Ability to identify and address factors that contribute to students missing school, including a lack of digital access and connectivity, mental and physical health services, and access to basic necessities such as food and housing

This additional layer of assistance will not only increase parental engagement, but also streamline routine communications, allowing teachers and school administrators to focus on the high impact engagement and education activities. The system is not mean to replace existing communication tools already being used in our schools, but will serve to compliment them. 

As we continue to work collectively to ensure the academic success and personal growth of all students, we ask that you encourage families to use this new system so they can receive all the resources they need to ensure a positive educational experience for themselves and their children.