Division of Operations

Division of Operations


Chief Operations Officer, Monique Scott-Spaulding | MSpaulding@ebrschools.org

Chief Business Operations Officer, James Crochet | JCrochet@ebrschools.org

Chief Financial Officer, Kelly Lopez | KLopez@ebrschools.org

Chief of Plant Operations, Randy Morales II | RMorales@ebrschools.org

Administrative Director of Facilities, James Bell | JBell7@ebrschools.org

Administrative Director of Transportation, Chauncey Moore | CMoore40@ebrschools.org

Budgets Management, Greg Noel | GNoel@ebrschools.org

Internal Auditor, Rhondalynn Williams | RWilliams36@ebrschools.org

Director of Procurement and Warehouse Services, Jordan Clements | JClements@ebrschools.org

Payroll Supervisor, Nicole Holmes | NHolmes@ebrschools.org

Benefits Supervisor, Sheila Bradley | SBradley@ebrschools.org


Budget Management


The Facilities Department is responsible for managing capital improvement projects and vendor service contracts to ensure safe learning environments.


The EBR Purchasing Department ensures timely delivery of materials and equipment from vendors, generates and tracks purchase orders, and works alongside the Accounts Payable Department to provide quality service across the district.

The East Baton Rouge Parish School Board invites all vendors to participate in the procurement process. This will promote competitive purchases and ensure that all vendors are given equal opportunity to conduct business with the East Baton Rouge Parish School System. 

Vendors desiring to conduct business with the EBRPSS should make their wishes known by submitting a written request on company letterhead to the Purchasing Department. The request should include specific details with regard to the materials, supplies, equipment, and/or services offered. Each request received is placed in a reference file used whenever quotes or bids are issued. Vendors are encouraged to be aggressive in their bid proposals so their chance of gaining a share of the business is improved. 

In addition, purchases made by EBRPSS are in compliance with Louisiana Revised Statute Title 38:2212.1. According to this statute, bids are to be advertised in the public notices of the local newspaper, The Advocate. Interested vendors should proactively monitor these public notices to remain informed about bids currently in process.

Sending a completed vendor form and requesting to be added to the approved vendor list will not ensure that a vendor is included. Vendor information is not entered into the database until after that vendor has been selected for a purchase.  

The Warehouse operations involve central receiving for instructional materials, maintenance and custodial supplies, automotive parts, and storage of surplus materials and equipment. Items received by the Warehouse personnel are delivered to requester or stored for withdrawal/delivery on an as needed basis.

In accordance with the provisions of Louisiana Revised Statute 38:2212.1, all purchase of materials, supplies, and equipment exceed the sum of $60,000.00 shall be advertised and let by contract to the lowest responsible bidder who has bid according to the specifications as advertised. The sealed bid process consists of at least two advertisements in Baton Rouge’s The Advocate, the first of which is to appear at least fifteen days before the opening of the bids.

Purchases cannot be divided by departments or by school if the effect is to evade the bid law. Purchases of commodities that are bought in small but recurring amounts through the year, such as paper, office supplies, etc., should be bid on an annual basis.

Purchases of $30,000.00 or more, but less than $60,000.00, shall be made by obtaining not less than three telephone or facsimile quotations. A written confirmation of the accepted offer shall be obtained and made part of the purchase file.