Division of Technology

Division of Technology


Informational Technology

The Information Technology (IT) Department, also known as the Department of Technology Services, provides daily hardware and software support for one of the largest single wide area networks in the state of Louisiana. The IT Department manages and supports instructional and business enterprise applicates, 20,000+ computers, 35,000+ Chromebooks, 400+ servers, and thousands of network electronic devices all connected through our district’s 10GB backbone. this network, secured by a robust E-Rate, CIPA compliant Internet filter, provides the technological highway upon which the district’s instructional, business, and communication systems flow at more than 90 instructional, business, and campuses across the entire school system. Reliable, secure, and high-speed Internet is a necessity for the success of our technology-driven curriculum and assessments. The IT Department has recently upgraded the EBR Internet and wide area network connectivity at all campuses, greatly increasing our Internet bandwidth from a 1GB to a 10GB network. 

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Please click the link below to view EBR’s Technology Footprint from the Louisiana Department of Education.


EBRPSS Technology Footprint

Instructional Technology (EdTech)

-All learners – regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic status, school setting, learning style, or special needs – and educators benefit from technology-rich environments that support 21st century learning

-All learners, educators, and employees benefit from training, delivered face-to-face and/or online which support efficient and effective use of technology systems, programs, and tools

-All levels of leadership benefit from training that increases their capacity to support educators’ application of 21st Century Literacy skills in the classroom

-All learners and educators benefit from access to a curriculum that incorporates technology-rich, rigorous, learning activities that advance economic learning and support acquisition of 21st Century learning skills

-All stakeholders benefit from advances in student achievement obtained through professional development support that include distance learning courses and other online, collaborative opportunities

-All stakeholders benefit from advances in achievement in technological skills acquired in technology-rich learning environments supported by sufficient funding

-All decisions related to the acquisition of technology systems and programs are based on sound instructional curriculum, student needs and system goals, and not the availability

-All learners and students benefit from access to rich online educational content that interconnects to support the EBRPSS Curriculum

This plan presents the District’s vision and overarching goal for technology in the learning environment and steps necessary to put the plan into action. Moving the plan from vision to reality requires strong leadership to make critical, informed decisions based on systematic and comprehensive research and study, applying strategic thinking and planning processes to ensure decisions are aligned with the district’s vision, mission, and goals, and that the implementation is both smooth and timely. Additionally, support from internal and external stakeholders – district and school leaders, teachers and other employees, parents, business and community leaders and community members is vital to the success of this vision.


Director of Technology Resources

Director of Networks & Operations

Jeffery C. Harrison

Director of Technology Resources

Terrica W. Jamison

Director of Management Information Systems

Coordinator for Instructional Technology

Dr. Sahara Haney